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  1. IELTS Writing: Internet

    It is now possible to perform everyday tasks such as banking, shopping and business transactions without meeting people face to face. What effects may it have on the individual and society as a whole?

  2. Words in the news: Prolific

    Origin: The streets of Berlin – and the art that adorns them – have long had a story to tell. From murals that depict the trials of German reunification to paste-ups that comment on current events, the city’s graffiti is a record of its history and its people. And many of Berlin’s finest international artists […]

  3. Queen’s role

    Although the Queen is no longer responsible for governing the country, she carries out a great many important tasks on behalf of the nation. Head of State As Head of State, the Queen goes on official State visits abroad. She also invites other world leaders to come to the United Kingdom. During their visit, Heads […]

  4. The British government

    While I am out on my first vocation this year in Sanya, in the south of China, I still keep on updating my blog on British things after a nap, introducing the British government. The two Houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (the House of Lords and the House of Commons) are based […]

  5. IELTS Writing: Women in politics

    Some people think we need more female leaders to create world peace and reduce violence. To what extent do you agree?

  6. Words in the news: Debris

    Origin: Malaysia’s prime minister has announced that missing flight MH370 crashed in the southern Indian Ocean. Najib Razak said this was the conclusion of fresh analysis of satellite data tracking the flight. Malaysia Airlines had told the families of the 239 people on board, he said. The BBC has seen a text message sent to […]