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  1. Words in the news: Brace

    Origin: Hong Kong (CNN) — Thousands of demonstrators bracing for the possibility of a police crackdown stood their ground in the heart of Hong Kong on Tuesday. Protesters had masks, protective goggles and plastic raincoats on hand as they camped out on the main thoroughfare leading into the city’s central business district. “They’re all ready […]

  2. Useful sentences when pause in IELTS Speaking

    It sometimes needs to pause when you have to think a new idea, or just want to repeat what you have just said before. So it is necessary to remember these sentences as they may do you a favour in the IELTS Speaking test. Beginning. You need time to think about the question. 1. That’s […]

  3. English media

    The media, or “Press”, in England is world famous for some good and some bad reasons. The good reasons include that it’s not censored – anyone can write anything they like as long as it does not incite violence or hatred. This freedom of the press is an important English tradition, but it wasn’t always […]

  4. IELTS Speaking topic: Maps

    1. Do you (ever) use a map? 2. When do you use a map? 3. Who taught you how to use a map? 4. How did you learn to use a map? 5. Do you prefer to use electronic maps or those made of paper?

  5. Cameron roasted for saying Queen ‘Purred’ over Scotland vote video

    U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was overheard saying Queen Elizabeth “purred down the line” over the Scottish referendum outcome.

  6. Are you having a laugh?

    To many people, the English have apparently been laughing at themselves for yonks. They just love laughing at their very own foibles. Some say it is because they have been pompous for such a long time and as such become so self-important that they have a strong sense of their own ludicrousness. Maybe it is […]