MonthNovember 2014

IELTS Speaking topic: A traffic jam

Describe a time when you had to wait in a traffic jam.
You should say:
when and where it happened
how long you were in the traffic jam
where you were going at that time
what form of transport you were using
what you did while waiting
and explain how you felt when you were in that traffic jam or what happened as a result of that traffic jam.

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IELTS Writing: Housing shortage

Housing shortages in big cities can have severe consequences. Only government action can solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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IELTS Speaking topic: A popular band or singer

Describe a popular band or singer in your country.
You should say: when it first became popular
what style of music it perform
who (what kinds of people) like this band or singer
and explain why you think they are popular.

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Twitter wants to learn what Apps you use – without asking

A new Twitter update will tell the company the name of every other app on your smartphone unless you specifically opt out.

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IELTS Speaking Topic: App

Part 2

Describe a useful APP on phones, computers or tablets you know.
You should say:
what the app is
how long you have used it
what it is used for
and explain why you think it is useful.

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IELTS Writing: Where should elderly people live?

Currently more and more people respect elders and become convinced that older people should live with their families, which is in contrast to the view that older people should live at a nursing home. What is your opinion?

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