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  1. IELTS Speaking topic: Toys

    1. Do you like toys? 2. Are toys very important to you? 3. What sorts of people like toys? 4. What sorts of toys did you like when you were a kid? (Why did you like it/them?) 5. Did your parents give it to you? 6. Do you still have any of your old toys? […]

  2. IELTS Speaking topic: Museum

    1. Are there many (or, any) museums in your hometown? 2. Do you think museums are useful for visitors to your hometown/country? 3. Do you often visit a museum? 4. Did you go to any museums when you were a child? 5. When was the last time you visited a museum? 6. Do you think […]

  3. The traditional English wedding

    Most people would see different wedding traditions, but if there is one that can be traced from the English style, that is of spreading flowers on the pathway towards the altar before the bride walks towards it. Such a practice stems from the belief that the bride will live through her life happily and lovely.

  4. Words in the news: self-explanatory

    Origin: It probably didn’t work. You most likely still dislike presenting. You may feel like not presenting well is some sort of deficiency in your professional skill-set that’s somehow holding you back. Good news. It’s not your fault. Why isn’t it your fault that you hate presenting? Because if your slides are full of bullet […]

  5. IELTS Speaking topic: Natural places

    1. Do you like visiting natural places? 2. What are some well-known natural attractions in your country? 3. Have you ever gone camping? 4. Do you like a natural environment? 5. How do city kids in your country have contact with nature? 6. Do you have any memories of nature from your childhood? 7. What […]