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  1. IELTS Speaking topic: A place where you can read and write

    Describe a place where you can read and write. You should say: where this place is how do you know this place what do you do there and explain why you think it’s a good place for reading and writing.

  2. IELTS Speaking topic: A special trip

    Describe a special trip you would like to go on in the future. You should say: where this place is who you would like to go with what would you do there and explain why this would be a special trip.

  3. IELTS Speaking topic: Music

    1. Do you often like to listen to music? 2. When do you listen to music? 3. How much time do you spend listening to music every day? 4. What kinds of music do you like to listen to? 5. What’s your favourite kind of music? 6. How often do you listen to that type […]

  4. IELTS Speaking topic: A park you visited

    Describe a park/garden you visited and liked/that impressed you. You should say: (the name of this garden) where is was what it looked like what people did(or, were doing) there and explain how you felt about this garden.

  5. Google announces yet another way to stream music free video

    Google Play Music announced a new free service that is part of its paid service’s app. Oh, and you can listen to Taylor Swift on it if you like.

  6. IELTS Speaking topic: A person who can speak a second language

    Describe a person who can use/speak a second language. You should say: who this person is what language this person can use how often this person uses this language and explain why this person can master this language.