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  1. Ivanka intern blogs about working without pay video

    Ivanka Trump has been criticized for an intern’s blog post, which seems to indicate that some of the interns at her company might not be paid.

  2. IELTS Speaking topic: A goal you want to achieve in the future

    Describe a goal you want to achieve in the future. You should say: what the goal is what would you do to achieve it when will you achieve and explain why you want to achieve it.

  3. IELTS Speaking topic: Science

    1. Do you like science? 2. Are you very interested in science? 3. What science have you studied (or learned)? 4. Is your work related to science? 5. What science subject do you like the most? (Why?) 6. What’s the most interesting (part of) science to you?

  4. IELTS Speaking topic: Sing

    1. Do you often sing? 2. When do you like to sing? 3. How much time do you spend in singing every day? 4. What kinds of music do you like to sing? 5. Is it difficult to sing well? 6. Do you want to be a singer?

  5. IELTS Speaking topic: Outdoor activities

    1. What do you do in your spare time? 2. Do you like outdoor activities? 3. What outdoor activities do you most like to do? 4. How often do you do that? 5. What outdoor sports do you like? (Why?) 6. How much time do you spend outdoors every week? 7. How often do you […]

  6. IELTS Speaking topic: A person who once moved to live with you

    Describe a person who once moved to live with you. You should say: when and where this person moved in how you know this person how you got along with this person and how you feel about living with this person.