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IELTS Speaking topic: Doing something with a group of people

24/12/20142 minute read

Describe something you did with a group of people.
You should say:
what the thing was
when and where you did it
whom you did it with
and explain why you did it with a group of people or what you learned from doing things with a group of people.

Well, I guess my job really involves much group work because we always do projects for our clients in a team. Every time we form a team for a particular project, we play different roles, for example, someone works as a financial consultant, others manufacturing consultants, some technique specialists, and of course, the project manager. As for me, I am a logistic consultant responsible for purchasing items and the warehouses.

We work in the clients’ office, which will be easy for us to communicate with the key users. And our projects sometimes last very long, half a year or even longer. We always get along well with each other in a team because we need to cooperate well to brace for the tough clients.

I believe my colleagues are very nice and helpful. They are always ready to help me when I encounter problems in my work. Besides, I suppose that sharing knowledge and experience with others can definitely boost the team spirit, as well as levelling up everyone’s work ability. In addition, when we need to make a decision on a key problem, we hold a stormy discussion on it and sometimes we can gain insights into the problem, which will be beneficial for everyone.

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