No distance too far for one Dutch World Cup fan

It’s a road trip to remember for one Dutch fan, whose passion for the World Cup inspired him to drive thousands of miles in his orange 1955 Chevy to host nation Brazil. Quite an inspiring!

REPORTER: The World Cup is worth thousands of miles on the road for one Dutch fan. 13,000 miles, to be exact. The spirit of the World Cup has infected a 53-year-old Dutchman named Ben, and his colorful truck named “Nellie.” They rolled across Brazil’s northern border in late May in his original 1955 Chevy, after a five-month journey that began in San Francisco. For Ben, the World Cup is more than just soccer.
DUTCH SOCCER FAN, BEN OUDE KAMPHUIS: “The spirit of football, and football being so powerful, through football that the world comes together. Everybody watches the World Cup. And it’s so powerful that through football I think we can have a bit of a better life together. We are all brothers and sisters. There is no difference between Africa or China or Russian or Holland or Brazil. So, through football, I feel like, you know, it’s so powerful that yes, we can stop racism, and we can stop discrimination, you know, just around the globe, just through one ball, one goal.”
REPORTER: The journey to get to the host nation meant crossing deserts, scaling mountains, and braving rain forests through some 12 countries. The Dutch fan’s passion for the his team isn’t the only symbol of his orange colored truck. It’s decorated with hand prints from disabled children he works with in San Francisco.

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