The Beachfront Markets in Golden Coast, Australia

What impressed me most during my last Australian trip is the night when I strolled along the beach, stopped at every stall selling a variety of premium products, including fashion, jewellery, accessories, artworks, photographs, beauty products and home wares, along with other treasure hunters, bargain spotters and after-dinner walkers all around me in the famous Beachfront Markets in Surfers Paradise, Golden Coast.

The Rainbow Serpent

I encountered the painting of Rainbow Serpent firstly in listening part of the IELTS Examination Paper 8, and I reckoned it very interesting because this sort of art first appeared in Australian aboriginal rock art more than 6000 years ago, and perhaps as early as 8000 years before the present, as the seas rose after the last Ice Age as the paper mentioned. The Australian aboriginal rock art have recorded both real and symbolic images of their time on rock walls for many thousands of years. Throughout the long history of this tradition, aboriginal rock art has experienced three different artistic styles, that is the Dynamic, Yam and Modern style of painting.

46 ways to avoid using the word “very”

I am a big movie fan, collecting a sheer volume of Blu-ray movies in my removable disk, both Hollywood and other countries’ production, say Britain. Recently I found that the line in American movies are full of simple, direct words, whereas the British ones are sometimes filled with sophisticated words such as Bill Nighy in “Page Eight” saying the word chauffeur instead of driver. Why don’t they use simple words? Maybe intentionally, the British films intend to say the opulent words to distinguish themselves from their straightforward counterparts, or just because the advanced words are only available in these well-educated British gentlemen.

IELTS Writing: Education subjects

Reports are also a kind of writing types though the emerging frequency is not so high. But the low emerging frequency does not mean that we could disregard it.

Most countries spend lots of money on education as they start to recognise its importance. In your opinion which two of the following subjects are the most important for your people and which one is the least important?

Subject: Literature  Sports  Mathematics  Economics  Physics  History Music  Geography