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IELTS Writing: Education subjects

Reports are also a kind of writing types though the emerging frequency is not so high. But the low emerging frequency does not mean that we could disregard it.

Most countries spend lots of money on education as they start to recognise its importance. In your opinion which two of the following subjects are the most important for your people and which one is the least important?

Subject: Literature  Sports  Mathematics  Economics  Physics  History Music  Geography

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IELTS Writing: The university function

From the third post now, I will start to publish a series of IETLS writing practices that I wrote, in regarding to the most common topics.  These articles may be either excellent enough to gain a high score, say 6, 7 or 8 maybe, or just clumsy stuff that should be thrown away. Please do feel free to tell me what you think of them.

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Ginger beer

Yesterday I was doing dictation practice with BBC radio tape, and met with this sentence:

A typical chaffinch song’s a cheerful repetition of a song phrase, followed by a flourish which to some ears sounds like ginger beer.

The chaffinch is a widespread small passerine bird that is well known for its “rain” call which is a repetitive short trill, and a loud “pink pink” call. In that radio tape, the writer used the above word to eulogise the cheerful song. So, what is the ginger beer? Is it so tasty that can be comparable to the song of chaffinch?

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Hello world!

Ola-la, finally, I, as a devoted wordpress blogger, come to the stage of establishing my site on the VPS from the simple virtual hosting. The site will primarily be focused on English studies, partly because I am currently preparing for the IELTS test since last year, and written in English only for international purpose.

In this site, everyone that is interested in learning English will find how to learn English in naturalistic ways, some tips in varied interesting forms, articles about the English countries’ culture and some IELTS information.

Hope that you will gain some insights into the English language here. Thank you for dropping by for a visit.