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  1. Words in the news: hold a dim view

    Origin: Study: Top college students hold a dim view of teachers and their profession WASHINGTON, D.C. – Individuals from across the political spectrum agree that one of the keys to improving America’s public education system is to get the smartest, most capable college students interested in a teaching career. The belief is that students will […]

  2. Australian popular and rock music video

    Australian pop and rock music had its origins in the 1950s and 1960s with artists like Johnny O’Keefe, Col Joy, Little Pattie and The Delltones. Although those early performers styled themselves on American and English musicians before long Australia began to develop its own individual style of rock and pop. Groups such as The Seekers, […]

  3. Australian traditional bush, folk and country music video

    The music of Australia has played a major role in the development of the nation. Australians have a great love of music. From the earliest years as a convict nation through to today, when many of the sons and daughters perform on the world stage. Prior to European settlement the Australian Aborigines developed a range of unique musical […]

  4. Words in the news: right up one’s alley

    Origin: Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash has led a city of immigrants for 14 years. And when controversy erupted, community leaders say Ash did not flinch. He cleared permits for immigrants-rights marches, and greeted the demonstrators when they paraded past City Hall. He stood by the City Council when it declared Chelsea a sanctuary city […]

  5. Words in the news: Groggy

    Origin: Sleep disorders leading to groggy children Busy lives, smartphones and poor sleep habits are all contributing to groggy children suffering from the same sleep disorders as adults. But Dr. Laura Sterni, director of the Johns Hopkins Paediatric Sleep Centre at Mount Washington Paediatric Hospital, said treating sleep ailments in children takes a different approach […]

  6. Words in the news: trade-off

    Origin: Breaking the Trade-Off Between Efficiency and Service What if a manufacturer had to deal with customers waltzing around its shop floor? What if they showed up, intermittently and unannounced, and proceeded to muck up the manufacturer’s carefully designed processes left and right? For most service businesses, that’s business as usual. In a restaurant or […]