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  1. Words in the news: let off steam

    Origin: Serbia Rage Room Helps To Let Off Steam NOVI SAD, Serbia — Savo Duvnjak looks around the room, lifts a metal baseball bat and wrecks everything in sight – bed, table, shelves, chair – until there’s nothing left to wreck. This isn’t a criminal onslaught. It’s the Rage Room. And it’s smashing its way […]

  2. Words in the news: in a row

    Origin: College Student Who’s Never Played Basketball Sinks 4 Great Shots In A Row, Wins $10,000 He shoots, he scores — and scores, and scores and scores! On Monday, Gustavo Angel Tamayo, a 23-year-old student at Bryan College in Dayton, Tenn., wowed the crowd gathered in the school’s gymnasium when he scored a lay-up, a […]

  3. Words in the news: Truncate

    Origin: Type A individuals can be described as people who are impatient, lack tolerance of others and have high levels of personal anxiety. Type A individuals also have a strong urge for competition, have high desire to achieve goals, always rush to complete activities, will happily multi-task when placed under heavy time constraints. Even though […]

  4. Words in the news: Spawn

    Origin: More than 10,000 megalitres of water flowed down the river in just eight hours, the biggest single pulse in a two-week flush designed to mimic the spring snow melt. The high-volume release was part of continued efforts to restore the parched river, which was reduced to just 1 per cent of its annual flow […]

  5. Words in the news: Secular

    Origin: Its hold on the Jewish imagination is immense and undiminished, even in a deeply secular age. Synagogues tend to be fuller on this day than any other. The atmosphere is vivid, the music solemn and majestic, the imagery gripping and powerful. It is as if the world had become a courtroom. God is sitting […]

  6. Words in the news: Brace

    Origin: Hong Kong (CNN) — Thousands of demonstrators bracing for the possibility of a police crackdown stood their ground in the heart of Hong Kong on Tuesday. Protesters had masks, protective goggles and plastic raincoats on hand as they camped out on the main thoroughfare leading into the city’s central business district. “They’re all ready […]