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  1. Museum Mile in New York city

    On one of New York City’s most famous avenues, Fifth Avenue, is Museum Mile. Museum Mile is a 23-block stretch that holds some of the most famous museums in the world. Museum Mile begins at 85th Street and Fifth Avenue with the massive Metropolitan Museum of Art. Inside is thousands of years worth of art […]

  2. Macedonia’s week of protests, raids and conspiracy theories video

    Macedonia’s prime minister faces protests, accusations of abuse of power and a conspiracy theory that he used a deadly police raid as a gambit.

  3. A housewarming party

    A housewarming party is a special party to be held when someone buys or moves into a new apartment or house. The person or people who bought the property or moved are the ones who throw the party. The party is an opportunity for friends and family to congratulate the person on the new home. […]

  4. Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement

    Rosa Parks is a prime example of how an ordinary American can change the world around her. She was born in 1913, in the southern state of Alabama. Parks became famous for challenging a discriminatory policy in the city of Montgomery, Alabama. During the 1950s, Black Americans in the south were not allowed to ride […]

  5. Miniature golf

    One favorite activity for young people in Southern California is visiting a Golf Arcade. The main feature of this attraction is playing miniature golf, which is, as the name suggests, a smaller version of the game of golf. In golf, players play a round of golf that includes either 9, or 18 holes in an […]

  6. The Demolition Derby

    Many Americans grew up watching Demolition Derby events. The derby is a show in which drivers ram their vehicles into one another for demolition dominance. The object of the contest is to disable your competitor’s vehicle before it stops yours. It is an exciting attraction that appeals to Americans of all ages.