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  1. Parent-teacher conferences

    When parents send their children to school, often they don’t know what happens day to day. Parents rely on what their children tell them about how they are doing and what they are learning. Generally schools will host parent-teacher conferences at least twice a year. Parent-teacher conferences are short meetings between parents and their children’s […]

  2. The Star Wars phenomenon

    Star Wars is an American movie franchise that was first seen in 1977. It is possibly the most popular movie franchise in the history of the film industry. Although the stories took place thousands of years ago, the technology shown was more advanced than anything on earth today. It is spectacular! The space vehicles alone […]

  3. The Marlboro Man

    The Marlboro Man was a fictional character who appeared in several advertising campaigns for the Philip Morris Corporation. His ads ran on television from 1964 through 1999, effectively entering the collective conscience of the American people for generations. Philip Morris is one of the largest tobacco producing companies in the world, and the corporation used […]

  4. The land of mobile dining

    There are many traditional restaurants in the Los Angeles area that offer first-rate dining experiences, but one of the recent trends moving through the city is mobile food trucks. Mobile food trucks, or catering trucks, were formerly seen mostly at places of business. Some businesses that had a large number of employees contracted with these […]

  5. The San Francisco cable cars

    One of the most historic, and significant landmarks in the United States is the San Francisco cable car system. It is the world’s only, manually operated cable car system. It is run by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. The system dates back to 1878, when the California Street line first opened. In all, there […]

  6. Car chase television

    Car chases in the Los Angeles area are a fairly regular occurrence. In 2013 there were over 700 car chases. Car chases also have become a source of entertainment. Many car chases are captured on video and broadcast live as they are happening. No one has to wait until the six o’clock news comes on […]