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  1. Camping

    Camping is a popular way for many people in the United States to spend their vacation. Camping involves people leaving the comfort of their home and driving to spend a few nights or more in the great outdoors.

  2. A bewitched city

    Salem in the state of Massachusetts is called the “Witch City”, but don’t be afraid. There aren’t women wearing pointy black hats riding around on brooms. The New England city is called the Witch City because of an infamous set of trials that happened there in 1692 to 1693. At the time, the city was […]

  3. Medical insurance, making it easier to get health care

    Health insurance is one way to pay for health care. Health care includes visits to the doctor, prescription medication, and emergency services. People can pay for medicine and doctor visits directly in cash or they can use health insurance. Health insurance usually means you pay less for these services.

  4. The Golden Gate Bridge

    One of the most beautiful, and recognizable California landmarks is the Golden Gate Bridge in the city of San Francisco. The bridge spans the San Francisco Bay, and is part of a network of five main bridges that cross the bay in the San Francisco/Oakland area. The region with its bay has one of the […]

  5. New Year’s Day, a holiday of new beginnings

    New Year’s Day officially begins as soon as people yell “Happy New Year” at midnight. Most people continue partying well after midnight into the wee hours of the first day of the new year. In fact, many New Year’s parties include breakfast or brunch. Sometimes at the stroke of midnight there will be fireworks and […]

  6. Immigration, a broken system

    Immigration in the United States is a complicated and controversial issue. Since the founding of the country people have come from different countries in search of a better life and opportunities. Immigration laws, however, are always changing and are complicated. This leads to many people coming into the U.S. without proper legal status. While some […]