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  1. IELTS Speaking topic: Plants

    1. Do you keep plants at home? 2. What plant did you grow when you were young? 3. Do you know anything about growing a plant? 4. Do Chinese people send plants as gifts?

  2. IELTS Speaking topic: Save money

    1. Did you save money when you were young? 2. Have you ever given money to other children? 3. Do you think parents should teach children to save money? 4. Do parents give children pocket money in China?

  3. IELTS Speaking topic: Punctuality

    1. How do you remind yourself to be on time? 2. Why are some people always late? 3. Do you think it is important to be punctual? 4. What will you do if you are waiting for someone? 5. Do you think people these days are as punctual as they were in the past?

  4. IELTS Speaking topic: Celebrity

    1. Who is your favourite celebrity in China? 2. Would you want to be a celebrity in the future? 3. In general, how do people become famous? 4. What kinds of people become famous? 5. Do you think, to be famous, a person needs to have some special talent(or ability)?

  5. IELTS Speaking topic: Dream job

    1. What was the dream job for you when you were young? 2. Have you changed your mind on your dream job? 3. What do you plan to do in the future? 4. What kinds of jobs are popular in China? 5. Have you had full-time or part-time job before?

  6. IELTS Speaking topic: Physical exercise

    1. What kinds of exercises do you do? 2. Do you think children should play sports regularly? 3. What was your favourite sport when you were young? 4. Do you like extreme sports? 5. What kinds of exercises are popular in your country?