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  1. 5 great ways to improve your English video

    In this course today, take some time to learn how to learn English in a better, more effective way. I think this video is quite preliminary and suitable for the one who is just beginning to learn English and do not know what to get started with.

  2. 3 ways to express negative ideas powerfully video

    In this course of speaking English, the teacher in the video introduced three short sentences to help express the negative ideas in a powerful way. I have taken note of them, including the examples as follows: under no circumstances Under no circumstances can we allow this to continue. on no account On no account will […]

  3. The Genius of Design

    Today I introduced an old five-episode documentary series named The Genius of Design which is also from BBC. The series examines the history of design, focusing on inventions – such as the ring pull and the fitted kitchen – that have transformed modern life. It tells the story of design from the Industrial Revolution through 20’s […]

  4. The Edible Garden

    I introduced a BBC documentary film today named The Edible Garden in which Alys Fowler attempts to avoid shop-bought fruit and vegetables and live off her own home-grown produce. You can watch the film, enjoy the idyllic beauty of DIY while practising your British English as well. This documentary film consists of six episodes. I’ve created a […]

  5. 7 listening skills for spoken English video

    I have been practising the listening skills with the BBC news materials for about a month, and I conclude that the most critical problem is that when the native people speak too quickly or unclearly, it will be hard or sometimes impossible to grasp what they say, even though the words they use are unbelievably […]