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  1. A tale of two Amazons: Innovative service vs. harsh employer video

    Amazon has two images: the company consumers love and the harsh, demanding employer.

  2. Jessica Alba faces critics of company’s sunscreen video

    Jessica Alba quickly responds to criticism of her company’s sunscreen, but will it be enough to make the negative publicity go away?

  3. There’s a chance the doctor you’re seeing is sick, too video

    A recent study found that over 80 percent of doctors surveyed said they worked while sick, despite knowing the risk of spreading their illnesses.

  4. Google announces yet another way to stream music free video

    Google Play Music announced a new free service that is part of its paid service’s app. Oh, and you can listen to Taylor Swift on it if you like.

  5. Can Spain’s royal family rebound from scandal? video

    A series of scandals have damaged the image of Spain’s royal family. Can the well-liked King Felipe VI restore the monarchy’s reputation?