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  1. Box Office Top 3: What could unseat ‘Furious 7’ at No. 1? video

    Taking the top spot for the fourth week in a row is “Furious 7”, bringing in an estimated $18.2 million, but a new film could soon be No. 1.

  2. What’s the problem with Facebook’s free Internet in India? video

    Facebook’s, which offers free Internet access to certain websites, is facing net neutrality concerns in India.

  3. Rowling did not tease another Potter book on ‘Today’ show video

    News that J.K. Rowling teased another Harry Potter book certainly makes a good headline, but it isn’t exactly accurate.

  4. You won’t be driving Tesla’s mystery product video

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a new product line will debut April 30, but it’s not a car.

  5. Facebook Messenger gets peer-to-peer money transfer feature video

    Facebook’s Messenger app is getting a new feature that will allow friends to send money back and forth for free.

  6. Only 6 British Jihadists’ bank accounts frozen in UK video

    A report to British Parliament shows the country has only frozen six bank accounts of the more than 600 terrorists with accounts in the country.