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  1. Social media posts show LaGuardia plane’s close call video

    The crash landing of a Delta flight at LaGuardia was an undeniably close call, but officials have said there were no serious injuries.

  2. How your dentist could help screen you for diabetes video

    A new study from researchers at New York University suggests dentists could soon use blood samples taken from patients’ mouths to test for diabetes.

  3. Lady Gaga is engaged: her strange-but-normal love story video

    Surprisingly, the singer got engaged in the most stereotypical way possible: on Valentine’s Day.

  4. Scientists use sunlight to make liquid fuel video

    Researchers have extracted isopropanol fuel from genetically engineered bacteria and solar-powered catalysts.

  5. Harper Lee releasing second book ever, and it’s a sequel video

    The reclusive author’s “Go Set a Watchman” will be published July 14, and the story behind the book is incredible.

  6. Discovery of ‘Dragon’ dinosaur in China could explain myths video

    A long-necked dinosaur from the Jurassic Period was discovered in China. Researchers think it could answer mythology questions.