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  1. Saudi King’s death leaves mixed legacy video

    World leaders remembered King Abdullah’s peace efforts, but others gave scathing reviews of Saudi Arabia’s dismal human rights record under his rule.

  2. Millions attend Pope Francis’ mass in the Philippines video

    As many as 6 million people attended Pope Francis’ mass. If accurate, that’s the most people ever brought together by this pontiff.

  3. Study links working overtime to alcohol abuse video

    Researchers found a link between working more than 48 hours per week and dangerous drinking habits.

  4. The food discounted store in Lambeth

    I start to practise my listening after the IELTS exam again today with the BBC news reports. I found it very useful both for the listening ability and speaking skills after a month practise long ago, so I pick it up again. In this post, I select the news about the the Borough of Lambeth, which is […]

  5. Smartphones in bedrooms may cause kids to get less sleep video

    A study from the University of California, Berkeley, says kids reported, on average, about 20 fewer minutes of sleep.

  6. Icy conditions likely led to AirAsia crash, agency says video

    The Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) says ice build-up may have caused AirAsia Flight 8501 engine failure.