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  1. Lady Gaga is engaged: her strange-but-normal love story video

    Surprisingly, the singer got engaged in the most stereotypical way possible: on Valentine’s Day.

  2. Scientists use sunlight to make liquid fuel video

    Researchers have extracted isopropanol fuel from genetically engineered bacteria and solar-powered catalysts.

  3. Harper Lee releasing second book ever, and it’s a sequel video

    The reclusive author’s “Go Set a Watchman” will be published July 14, and the story behind the book is incredible.

  4. Discovery of ‘Dragon’ dinosaur in China could explain myths video

    A long-necked dinosaur from the Jurassic Period was discovered in China. Researchers think it could answer mythology questions.

  5. Saudi King’s death leaves mixed legacy video

    World leaders remembered King Abdullah’s peace efforts, but others gave scathing reviews of Saudi Arabia’s dismal human rights record under his rule.