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  1. Words in the news: nuclear family

    Origin: IN THE future perhaps the only proudly traditional families left in Britain will be those of politicians, using their wives and children as props. Jon Cruddas, a prominent Labour Party strategist, says that “stable, secure families” are the “bedrock of our lives”. According to Iain Duncan Smith, the Conservative welfare secretary, the last government […]

  2. Words in the news: self-explanatory

    Origin: It probably didn’t work. You most likely still dislike presenting. You may feel like not presenting well is some sort of deficiency in your professional skill-set that’s somehow holding you back. Good news. It’s not your fault. Why isn’t it your fault that you hate presenting? Because if your slides are full of bullet […]

  3. Words in the news: hold a dim view

    Origin: Study: Top college students hold a dim view of teachers and their profession WASHINGTON, D.C. – Individuals from across the political spectrum agree that one of the keys to improving America’s public education system is to get the smartest, most capable college students interested in a teaching career. The belief is that students will […]

  4. Words in the news: right up one’s alley

    Origin: Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash has led a city of immigrants for 14 years. And when controversy erupted, community leaders say Ash did not flinch. He cleared permits for immigrants-rights marches, and greeted the demonstrators when they paraded past City Hall. He stood by the City Council when it declared Chelsea a sanctuary city […]

  5. Words in the news: Groggy

    Origin: Sleep disorders leading to groggy children Busy lives, smartphones and poor sleep habits are all contributing to groggy children suffering from the same sleep disorders as adults. But Dr. Laura Sterni, director of the Johns Hopkins Paediatric Sleep Centre at Mount Washington Paediatric Hospital, said treating sleep ailments in children takes a different approach […]

  6. Words in the News: Mecca

    Origin: Mayo is mecca for tourist-watching I have a penchant for good-looking men. (Aesthetically speaking, of course.) My particular interest is in tourists of a certain age who smoke the occasional Gitane, carry Le Monde or The New York Times and drink espressos outside cafes on sunny streets or expensive brandies in sumptuous lounges where […]