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  1. Premier League club’s income “doubled in seven years”

    It is an effective way to learn new words in the articles in which you can get familiar with several related words and expressions, so I introduced some articles from BBC and I made the useful words and expressions bold. These words, in my opinion, are definitely commonly used in everyday life and can do you […]

  2. Geek, nerd, dork, wonk definitions

    Nowadays, there are many words in English that used to have negative meanings, but have now been “reclaimed”, or used with positive intentions. There are lots of reclaimed words in the English language, but this post will focus on words that used to be used negatively for smart and studious people. You’ve probably heard a […]

  3. Pedalo video

    It is the first music post in my blog, thanks to my son with whom I played tonight and hit on this amazing song Pedalo in my iPhone 4S. The melody in this song sounds like the sunshine in morning performing ballet on the piano, and is inducing me something in my own childhood sitting […]

  4. Words in the news: Defiant

    Origin: NEW YORK — A defiant Rep. Michael Grimm, in his most extensive interview since federal prosecutors accused him of rampant fraud, accused the media on Tuesday of trying to destroy him and vowed to campaign hard for reelection — even as the New York Republican acknowledged his fundraising has dried up to the point […]

  5. Words in the news: Wilt

    Origin: Gareth Bale helped Real Madrid win their 10th European Cup as they finally overwhelmed arch-rivals Atletico Madrid in a compelling Champions League final in Lisbon. The emphatic scoreline after extra time does no justice to the drama that unfolded at Estadio da Luz as Atletico stood moments from winning the trophy for the first […]

  6. Adverbs of frequency

    The following table is rather pragmatic just because it lists the deliberate distinctions among the various adverbs of frequency.  %  Adverbs of frequency  Example  100%  Always  I always study after class.  90%  Usually  I usually walk to work.  80%  Normally/Generally  I normally get good marks.  70%  Often/Frequently  I often read in bed at night.  50% […]