IELTS Speaking topic: A person who likes to travel by plane

Describe a person who likes to travel by plane.
You should say:
who this person is
how you know this person
where this person travels to
and explain why this person likes to travel by plane.

I think this person would be my father who is an engineer. Due to his work, he has got loads of clients to the big cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, and even in other countries. And almost two-third of the time in a month, he is on business trip to meet clients, attend meetings and tackle some severe problems. That’s why he has travelled a lot especially by air to different places.

I feel that as for a businessman, taking the airplane would save him much time and he is able to finish his work with high efficiency. Sometimes the price of a flight ticket can be negligible if he successfully make orders with clients. Also, the service on the plane is much better than that on the train. The flight attendance will offer various beverages and food, and the passengers can even ask for free blankets and back cushion. The passengers on the plane are not as many as that on the train, which makes the plane a cosy place for relaxation. My father always tells me that the quietness on the plane makes it possible for him to take a rest between the two cities. I think that’s the main reason why he insists on taking planes for business trip.

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Discussions — 14 Responses

  • sharon9999ca 2015/12/17 on 3:44 pm

    please give me some ideas about a painting or a work of art . a special festival in your culture, a time you watched the sky

    • pirlo sharon9999ca 2015/12/23 on 8:39 am

      hey, as for the topic of sky, you can check here.

      • Harold pirlo 2016/01/24 on 9:32 am

        actually, I think the special festival is not just for traditional festival. can we say some shopping festival such as black Friday for USA, 11.11 for Chinese.

        • pirlo Harold 2016/01/25 on 3:06 pm

          I think it is feasible to do that in the test. The speaking test just focuses on how you say, not what you say.

  • sharon9999ca 2015/12/17 on 4:00 pm

    please write some articles about an art and craft activity you did at school , a painting or a work of art in your school, a street that you like to visit, a place you visited but only for a short period of time. and your healthy article couldnot be opened. how to cope with

    • pirlo sharon9999ca 2015/12/23 on 8:47 am

      thank you sharon, I have corrected the link. The sample of a place you visited but only for a short period of time is here. thank you.

  • sharon9999ca 2015/12/17 on 4:01 pm

    An article you read about healthy life coulnot be opened

  • gurbir 2015/12/29 on 9:10 am

    sir your topics are helpful for me..but I have a problem that during speaking i use good vocab ,ideas …but not feels confident at that time. so plz me my exam is very close

  • emily 2016/01/10 on 1:49 am

    thank you soooo much about your examples,it’s really help

  • Grace-Aquarius 2016/02/17 on 6:06 pm

    Plane is convenient and fast if it doesn’t always delayed, hahaha

    • pirlo Grace-Aquarius 2016/02/18 on 7:58 pm

      yes, unfortunately it is always late.

  • Xu D 2016/02/22 on 10:59 pm

    Sorry for this, but i just wanna know: what is score of that speech 😀

  • aman johal 2016/03/26 on 11:14 am

    yes , what is score of that speaking

  • Rajni 2016/05/08 on 1:49 am

    I want to improve my speaking by cue card plz give me advice how can i