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Lefroyee is a free English learning resource site for all the English lovers. Lefroyee was founded in February 2014 by Pirlo Wang. The main goal of this site is to provide quality tips, culture insights, IELTS materials, and other language resources that allow English lovers to improve their language ability.

I established the blog mainly because I was preparing the IELTS exams for immigration to Australia since 2013, so you can find that most of the articles were written by myself. I think that I need a place to record my learning experiences and to some extent, help others who are still struggling with the tests. Besides, compared to the middle school and university English education, I feel that the IELTS brings me the correct and natural way to learn the language, which boosts my four capabilities of language, writing, reading, listening and speaking, dramatically. So I hope that you can obtain the same feelings in my blog.

Recent update, 2014-11-15

Recently I found that the IELTS speaking sample answers were surprisingly welcome by visitors from all over the globe. I thought that I just had published no more than 50 articles so far, and the questions from IELTS were obviously unlimited, therefore, if you guys are seeking some topics that are not available in my site, you could probably contact with me, telling me what the question is, I’d like to post the new sample answer in my blog. It is not very hard, but interesting and challenging to me.

Recent update, 2014-12-19

Everything has been ended, I mean, to be exact, I have successfully passed my IELTS exam at the first time. I get the news today at noon when the result comes out in the IELTS official website. Everything is perfect except the listening, though the score is enough. My result is listening 6.5, reading 8.5, speaking 6 and writing 7 and the overall score is 7. My reading and writing are not a surprise because I know I will get a high score, and actually there are both twenty minutes left for me in each module test. And speaking is quite kind of my weakness, and I got a bit nervous in front of the old British white hair and beard man and totally forgot what I had memorised in my head. Bad experience, but luckily 6 is enough for me already. However, I put the most efforts in listening in hope of getting full score, but the result is relatively low. What a shame! I suppose I didn’t get enough practises in the last few months before the test. Anyway, 6.5 is also enough, one more point is a waste.

Recent update, 2015-11-02

It’s a big day for me and my family today as I have successfully got the PR(Permanent Residence) visas of Australia, and my dream has come true after the long long wait. It’s definitely not an easy thing. I needed to overcome loads of difficulties, such as IELTS, getting the required skills and qualifications, visa application, background investigation and etc. Each stage needs me to arrange and prepare carefully and any minor errors are not acceptable because they may ruin my whole application. Luckily I’m a considerate guy and fully eligible for the immigration requirement, so I barely encountered any obstacles during the process. Thanks to all the friends who have helped and encouraged me for the two years. All the effort is worth it.

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