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Totally I have written more than 60 essays in my blog, including Task 1 and 2. As you can see, actually almost all my essays in the Task 2 are the same in terms of article structure. Therefore, I believe that once you have formed your own fixed pattern in your writing, and practise it many times before test, then once you are in the exams, you’ll save a lot of time because you know how to write and what to write in each sentence. That’s very important as we have to write two articles in just one hour. Time is really urgent, especially you have to achieve at least 6.

In my opinion, there are basically two types of articles in Task 2, that is argumentation and report. And I have formed two fixed patterns for each type. Actually I have written about twenty posts for Task 2 when I was preparing the exam in the same way, so it’s probably why I could get 7 for writing test.

I’ll outline my fixed patterns for argumentation and report in a clear way, then you can check them with my own samples. Trust me, my method is really useful and efficient. That’s why I’d like to share with you guys.


Firstly, there are 15 sentences in the argumentation within 5 paragraphs, so that’s to say, every paragraph has 3 sentences. The first one would be the topic of the paragraph, then your evidence to prove your topic, and finally summarise the paragraph.

What’s more important is that you should discuss the both sides of views even if the question doesn’t apparently demand that, but it’s a must because you are doing argumentative writing, not expository writing.

The fixed patterns of argumentation are as follows:

The first paragraph effectively captures attention and presents your whole topic.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about … However, whether … remains a controversial issue. I agree with the view that …

The second paragraph introduces your first argument and evidence.

Firstly, it is obvious that …  This means that / For example … Therefore …

The third paragraph introduces your another argument and its evidence to confirm your topic.

Moreover … For example / This is because … So …

The fourth paragraph indicates that you should not fully deny the other side of view.

That is not to say that … Of course, … But …

The last paragraph summarises and repeats the whole topic and then distillate ideologically.

In sum … Meanwhile … By doing so we can ensure that …


Report is a bit different from the argumentation because you just follow the questions, that is what the reason of the phenomenon and how to solve the issue. Therefore, in my patterns, there are just only four paragraphs.

The fixed patterns of report are as follows:

The first paragraph briefly introduces background attention and gives your own opinion.

It seems to be an increasingly widespread problem that … And I think that A and B are responsible for this phenomenon.

The second paragraph indicates the differences between now and the past that lead to the current problem.

In the past, … This is no longer the case. Due to …, now … Therefore, … is the root cause of this phenomenon.

The third paragraph introduces another reason of this problem by giving an example.

Another important factor contributing to this issue is that … For example, … So …

Finally you give the feasible solution to deal with the problem. Generally, you just need to say who should shoulder the responsible in such sequence, the government, the corporation and the citizen.

In order to solve the problem, … More importantly, … Besides, …

In my blog here, you can check that almost all my essays are following the similar structure, and I got 7 in the writing test myself, so just trust me, my method can help write an eligible essay to get 7.

In the official writing band descriptors, if you need 7, Coherence and Cohesions need you to

  • logically organise information and ideas; there is clear progression throughout;
  • use a range of cohesive devices appropriately although there may be some under-/over-use;
  • present a clear central topic within each paragraph.

So you can see that my structure can fully meet the requirement and can ensure you get 7 in this aspect.

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