Part 2, 3

>  App
>  A foreign film
>  A traffic jam
>  A popular band or singer
>  A subject you didn’t enjoy
>  A broken device
>  Waiting for someone
>  A souvenir
>  A family member
>  A family celebration
>  An old thing at your family
>  A beautiful place where you want to have a home
>  Helping a neighbour
>  An important letter
>  A place to travel to
>  A law
>  A magazine
>  Borrowing something
>  A beautiful or handsome person
>  Something you want to learn but you can’t learn now
>  A good service
>  An interesting animal
>  A historic building
>  Sharing something
>  A positive experience
>  Doing something with a group of people
>  A prize
>  A friend at school
>  An old man you respect
>  A language you would like to learn
>  A person who has an interesting job
>  A situation when you received some useful advice
>  An interesting conversation
>  A success your friend has had
>  A person you wanted to be similar to in teenage years
>  Something you did which was a waste of time
>  A good photo of you
>  A time when you stayed far away from your home
>  A meal you invited others
>  A project that you were once involved in
>  An important job
>  A long journey
>  A game when you were a child
>  A friend who is a good leader
>  A vehicle you would like to buy
>  An interesting website
>  An exciting sport
>  A movie you would like to watch again
>  An ambition you have not achieved yet
>  A person who is good at cooking
>  A historical city you have been to
>  A long journey you would like to make again
>  A book you have read recently
>  Something interesting you learnt from the internet
>  A colourful place
>  A time when you got lost
>  A good news
>  A happy family event from your childhood
>  A place near water
>  A subject you didn’t like before
>  A family member you would like to work with
>  A pleasant surprise
>  A time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like
>  A childhood song
>  An electronic machine you want to buy
>  An age/stage you enjoyed
>  A picture in your family
>  An educational TV programme
>  A place that can be good to relax
>  A situation that others didn’t tell you the whole truth
>  A special toy
>  A tourist site
>  A person who can speak a second language
>  A park you visited
>  A special trip
>  A place where you can read and write
>  A team you have been part of
>  A person who dresses well
>  A child that made you laugh
>  A restaurant you like
>  A paid job
>  A small and successful company
>  An occasion you got up extremely early
>  An indoor game
>  Something that you want to learn more
>  A situation when you helped someone
>  A time that you and your friend had a disagreement
>  An educational trip
>  A time when you feel surprised to meet someone
>  A person whose job is important
>  A recent happy event that you had
>  A change that will improve your local area
>  A person in the news that you would like to meet
>  An important conversation that influenced you
>  A law about environment you would like to see
>  A house or apartment you want to live in
>  A time someone or something made noise
>  A café or restaurant you like to visit
>  A foreign country you want to visit but haven’t been to
>  An article you read about healthy life
>  A new skill you want to learn
>  A time you watched the sky
>  A place you visited but only for a short period time
>  A long walk you ever had
>  A situation you waited for something
>  Success
>  A person who likes to travel by plane
>  A long car journey you went on
>  An art and craft activity you did at school
>  An article that you read from a magazine or newspaper
>  A situation that you got a little angry
>  A person who once moved to live with you
>  A goal you want to achieve in the future
>  A time you missed an important appointment for something
>  A time you needed to use imagination
>  A tall building in your hometown you like or dislike
>  An area of science that you are interested in
>  A gift that you recently gave to others
>  A place in other countries where you would like to work for a short time
>  An advertisement you have seen recently
>  A garden you have visited
>  An interesting public place that you like to visit
>  An outdoor activity you like to do
>  A dream you have had