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IELTS Speaking topic: An outdoor activity you like to do

10/12/20162 minute read

Describe an outdoor activity you like to do.
You should say:
what it is
where you like to do it
how you do it
and explain why you like to do it.

Well, the outdoor activity I like to do recently is the gardening work in my garden. There are lots of work to do there because there are almost 200 sqm with over 30 different plants that need me to look after.

Every morning and late afternoon, I need to water all of them carefully, especially in the hot summer. All flowers, lawn, trees and shrubs need lots of water to drink to survive. Apart from the irrigation work, I need to lightly prune the rose every one or two months after the flowering season in order to help the rose to generate new shoots. And another regular garden maintenance work is mowing the lawn during the rainy season as they grow very crazily.

I feel that I can come up with not 1 but 10 reasons as to why I love gardening work. Firstly, obviously there are lots of physical work going into maintaining a garden. I’m constantly moving my body, up, down, back, forth. Besides, it’s a way to commune with nature. When I am working there, there are always some birds, bees and butterflies that delight me. And what is the most important point is that I can help my friends and neighbours to do the similar work in their garden, so that I can get paid by my work. That’s really fantastic.

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