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IELTS Speaking topic: An occasion you got up extremely early

01/08/20152 minute read

Describe an occasion you got up extremely early.
You should say:
when this happened
what you needed to do that day
who you were with
and how you felt about getting up that early on that day.

Let me talk about an occasion I got up extremely early, which happened in April this year. I was planning to take a business trip with a colleague. In that morning, I woke up early, at about 3 o’clock to get to the airport where we agreed to meet. I took a seat in the cafe bar in the airport and waited for him. One hour soon passed, but he didn’t show up. I was beginning to worry a bit then, hoping he would not forget the business trip or wake up late. I made a telephone call to him, but could not put through, which made me more depressed. I had no ideas but made another telephone call to my superior and told him about my current situation, he told me to fly alone if my colleague didn’t get to the airport in time in the end.

To my surprise, after I hung up the telephone, I saw him entering the gate of the airport slowly. I asked him why he came to airport so late. He just said he never hurried to catch the airplane, and told me that I should take easy. Oh, I doubted whether he lived near here. Getting up early is really hard for me, but waiting for someone who doesn’t keep time is even harder. I really didn’t want to go on a trip with him next time.


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  1. i have to take part in IELTS speaking test tomorrow. these days, i just crammed for the test day and night crazily and i found your answers really helpful. they saved me a lot of time to prepare the answers. thanks a lot!

      1. Dear u r great,ur cue cards r vry helpfull,there is suitable answer nd these topics r also coming in the exam..u do good job…i want to know abt writing task,essay…r there guess essays like cue cards so dat i can exam will on 5 dec..

          1. can you plz ans. the follow ups of this cue card i really neeed our help plz plz plz

  2. Hi,

    Your website is so useful. Can I get some cue cards for essays as well?
    I’m going to sit for my ielts exam on 5 DEC too.
    Any guess essays?

    Thank you

  3. Your cue cards are amazing and I feel confident after reading it . Thanx a lot for this kind of help. My exam is after 2 days. Can you suggests me some essays. I will greatly
    thankful to you if you……

  4. Follow ups:
    1.Who usually gets up early- young people or old people?
    2.Will working till late at night, influence the next day’s work?
    3.Do young Indians stay up till late at night?
    4.Is it easy to get up early for you?
    5.What do you do to guarantee a good sleep?
    6.Can you sleep well if there is noise around?

  5. Hello teacher , can you send me recent cue cards on my email –
    I’m going to sit for my ielts exam on 10 September 2016
    Please send me as soon ypu possible

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