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IELTS Speaking topic: Something you did which was a waste of time

29/12/20142 minute read

Describe something you did which was a waste of time.
You should say:
what the thing was
when you did it
how you did it
and explain why it was a waste of time.

Well, I guess as the Internet is becoming more and more popular these days, it has taken up a large part of people’s daytime. As for me, the social networks have wasted lots of my time, especially during my working hours.

I remembered that one day in the morning last week, I went to office, turned on the computer, and started to work while I opened the webpage of the, a domestic micro-blog website. I was soon attracted by the news and some interesting micro-blogs that were posted by my friends. I read through the articles and left my comments at times. After that, I refreshed the browser incessantly to check whether there was something new in the front page. It was really a waste of time because at last I found myself ended up without doing anything about my work except browsing the webpages in the morning.

I believe that the social network can be a large time-waster. Many people spend much of their day tweeting, liking, and posting status update. Moreover, these internet tools are really acting as hindrance in the office because the staff’s attention will be distracted from their jobs to kill time in their working hours, and they even procrastinate their tasks until the deadline.

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