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IELTS Speaking topic: A time you needed to use imagination

23/11/20162 minute read

Describe a time you needed to use imagination.
You should say:
what the situation was
why you needed to use imagination
what the difficulties were
and explain how you felt about it.

Let me tell you about the recent situation I was in. I bought a new house which has a big garden in the back, but it was rather untidy and had lots of trees and shrub that I did not like, and lots of places needed to be repaired as well. So I need to do lots of garden work to make it beautiful again. However the biggest difficulty was that I did not have any related experience before, so I didn’t even know how to get started.

I needed to redesign the garden to make it more enjoyable to me. So I picked up a piece of paper and harnessed my imagination to draw the overview picture of garden based on the existing facilities. I got several pathways to divide the garden into different area firstly. The biggest part of it was for lawn, then I put the new shed in the left corner so that I thought it would be wonderful to see the new garden from the corner. On the left side of garden, there would be two maple trees with some small flowers, which could provide some sunshade to the shed in the summer. On the right side of garden, I would like to plant two or three peach trees because their pink flowers were really beautiful and there would be juicy peaches every year.

I thought that it could be really fun to create a fairy garden and I needed to think about every details of the garden and put everything in order as I wish. What is more important is that I can gain a strong feeling of success when the garden is done according to my design.

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