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IELTS Speaking topic: A subject you didn’t enjoy

18/11/20142 minute read

Describe a subject you didn’t enjoy (like) in high or secondary school.
You should say:
what the subject was
how the teacher taught this subject
how long you studied this subject
and explain why you didn’t like it.

Well, I’m afraid that the subject that I didn’t like in my high school was math. But I had to learn it because of the exams, you know, it was one of the compulsory courses during the entire middle school for three years, even in the university.

My math teacher always tended to be demanding with us, he seemed like making the simple theory very complicated, and sometimes I didn’t understand what my teacher had said, and he also left endless homework to us, which really made me frustrated. I felt that math was the most challenging subject in the world.

Another reason was that there were too many abstract formulas I had to remember. You know, I was not good at memorising things, so I often used the incorrect formula in the exams, and made lots of mistakes and got low marks as a result. But maths was such an important subject that I had decided to learn it well to get to the university in the future. I had done more exercises and listened to my teacher in class more carefully. In a word, although I disliked maths at all, I tried all my best to overcome it.

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