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IELTS Speaking topic: A situation you waited for something

18/11/201555 second read

Describe a situation you waited for something.
You should say:
where this place was
when this happened
who you were with
and explain why you had to wait for it.

I’m a big fan of photography so I clearly remembered how I waited for my first camera I bought in an online store.

I was in the habit of online shopping then so when I got the enough budget to purchase an expensive camera and lens in April last year before I planed to travel, I placed an order immediately in that website and waited for the delivery anxiously at home with myself.

The ship would not be shipped the same day because there were always a large amount of orders in the website, but it would be sent the next day. So I had to wait for a whole day. I constantly checked the shipping status in the website to see how the delivery processed, and I would always be very delighted to find a change in the procedure. You know, it always would be a long and painful time before you get something you dream of.


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  1. it is very helpful for learner because in this way they can easily prepare speaking..test without any fear so that is why I like it…Moreover I will give a 1 suggestion for that student those are feel Uncomfrtable in speaking time..So please use it .because it’& for U…

  2. this cue cards was very helpfull to me your thanks you were writen on their in this occasion students were very help full and once again thankyou

  3. It is very useful for my speaking module and I am very thankful to you. but ans of following ques is not there. so plz provide us following ans also. thnku

  4. hello..sir .. i get 7 band in speaking just because of your website it is really helpful ..thanks for the help..i request you please add recent all cuecard answers thank you

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