IELTS Speaking topic: A long walk you ever had

Describe a long walk you ever had.
You should say:
when this happened
where you walked
who you were with
and explain how you felt about the walk.

As long as I can remember, I have taken a long walk to unwind myself when I took a business trip in Shanghai after an important conference several years ago. I was really tired then, so I decided to walk along the quiet street with myself in the evening to relax me.

It was rather cold at that time, so there were just few people could be seen in the street. But I didn’t feel lonely because I could enjoy the sereneness. I didn’t recall anything happened that day but just saw the various tall buildings, the old alleys and the thick plane trees in the cold wind. I walked around the city for about one hour, and gradually I didn’t feel any tired.

I am not a neuropsychologist but I believe there is something special going on in the human brain when the body is in motion. So I’m really into taking a long walk when I have spare time, and I feel it definitely has been very influential in my life.


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