IELTS Speaking topic: A situation when you helped someone

Describe a situation(or a time) when you helped someone.
You should say:
what the situation was
who the person was
how you helped them
and explain how you felt after helping them.

Well, let me tell you about a time when I helped someone not familiar. One day in the morning, I met a neighbour in the shop who was an old lady and also lived in the same building as me. She just bought a bag of rice and was ready to take the heavy bag home. I saw the bag was quite heavy and she was trying to life it up. I walked straightly to her, and told her that I could help her take the bag home. She was very thankful and agreed to accept my kindness. I could feel that she really hope someone could stand out and do her a favour at that moment.

The bag was quite heavy and it took us ten minutes to move back home. I took the bag directly to her home, and helped pour the entire rice into the bucket. She really appreciated my offer and wanted to give me some gifts, but I refused. I guessed that helping elder people is a kind of virtue in China; besides, getting alone well with neighbour is also very important to lead a happy life.


  1. Thank you so much for writing these answers, that really help a lot. But I have a question about speaking part 2 coz I’ve seen some answers are short, and I’m not sure if that is ok, coz you know, part 2 requires us to talk for 2 minutes, so do you know if it is ok to have a short answer?

    Thank you.

    • Well, in my opinion, most of my sample answers are about 200 words, which is long enough for part 2, because you don’t actually have lots of time to talk in the exam.

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