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IELTS Speaking topic: Borrowing something

03/11/20142 minute read

Describe an occasion that you borrowed something from others.
You should say:
what the thing was
when you borrowed it
whom you borrowed it from
and explain why you borrowed the thing.

I’d like to talk about the interphone I borrowed from one of my friends in April. I was planning a self-driving trip to Sichuan Province then. There were seven people of us, so we planned to go there in two cars. I had one interphone in my car, so I thought that it would be much convenient to get hold of people in another car on the way if there was another interphone. So I went to my friend to ask him to lend me his interphone before I set off.

He was one of my good friends. We once travelled to Inner Magnolia to see the grassland together by car. It was also a self-driving trip. We used the interphones to talk to each other on the road. That was the first time I used the gear which impressed me a lot.

It turned out that the interphone was really a useful device in our self-driving trip on our way to Sichuan Province. Every time I needed to take a rest in the service areas of the express way, or remind another driver to drive carefully when the road was filled with puddles from the rain, I just picked it up, pressed the button and talked. It was more convenient than making a telephone call, and thus it was far more security when driving.


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  1. Thanks very much for your sharing, this is my answer ^^. Good day!
    I’d like to talk about a lantern which I borrowed from my close friend in Moon festival when I was 10 years old. At that period, my parent often gave me and my siblings handcrafted lanterns mainly made from wooden sticks, colored papers and a candle. You know,in Vietnam, children participate in parades with lanterns of various forms and colors. However, I didn’t like that kind of lantern, I was impressed by the electric lantern of Son, my close friend. When I turned on the switch, it was lighted and rang a beautiful melody so I tried to borrow it from him and he accepted provided that I had to call him my king within 5 days. I couldn’t express my feeling, I was so excited and proud when I took it in parade, I could see the envy of my friends to me this. Because electric lanterns were very expensive. I had a good memory with that lantern and its owner. We’re best friends until now.

    1. Hey, Phuong,

      thank you so much for your sharing. It is really an engaging story and besides, it fully responses the questions and gives a detailed explanation about how you felt about the electric lantern after you borrowed from your close friend. Though I couldn’t tell you what scores exactly you can get via this answer, I totally convince that it’s remarkable.


      1. Thank you Pirlo, actually I will take the IELTS exam on this 12 February. I saw your score on your web, Reading score is really high, my reading skill is not well, I got 5.5 last time. Could you give me some advises from your experiences? Thank you!

        1. Actually, I believe that the only skill in the reading test is that you really need read the questions before you start to read the article, and then try to find the sentences that match the questions. Basically, almost all the questions have the original sentences in the articles. What you need to do is read very quickly to find them. That is the point that IELTS wants to test you.

  2. 1-situation where others did not tell you the whole truth ielts speaking
    2- good news you heard on TV or saw on the internet IELTS

    please answers those questions

  3. good news you heard on TV or saw on the intenet
    person not tells the truth

    please answer those questions

  4. thank you very much , iam following your blog from 3 months ,, and i fount it good for who seriously preparing for ielts ….

    1. Thank you for your compliment! It’s really encouraging for me to know that my works is helpful for examinees like you. And I hope that you’ll get passed the test soon.

  5. Describe a street that you like to visit.
    Describe a activity that you do to keep fit.
    Describe an unforgettable advertisements (you saw/ you heard /you like )

    Please answer those questions in the future.
    thank you so much.

  6. Pls give me the ans. of
    A person u know who does a job which is useful to society

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