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IELTS Speaking topic: A magazine

05/11/20142 minute read

Describe a book/magazine that you enjoyed reading.
You should say:
what it was
what it was about
why you read it
how often you read it
and explain what effect the book had on you.

Let me tell you about my favourite magazine which is called the Science Fiction World and it comes out on a monthly basis. It is definitely the most famous magazine in this field in China, and loads of young students and adults subscribe to it. It is very cheap, only costs 6 yuan.

I guess it’s a professional science fiction magazine that began publishing in 1979 and showcases some of the best works in this field, such as Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and also fosters a number of domestic authors like Liu Cixin and Wang Jinkang. I believe the Science Fiction World represents where the Chinese science fiction novels are going in the future.

I’ve read this magazine for about 15 years since the middle school age. I believe that reading science fiction novels can help inspire my imagination and creativity and think about some ultimate philosophic questions about the universe, what our society would be like in many years, and what form our human being will develop into. Besides, reading appealing novels enables me to enjoy the leisure time in an elegant way.

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