IELTS Speaking topic: An area of science that you are interested in

Describe an area of science that you are interested in(such as physics, mathematics).
You should say:
what it is
when you started to become interested in it
what you have learned from it
and explain why you have interest in it.

Well, my favourite science area is chemistry ever since I was a middle school student. Though I just learned some basic part of chemistry at the high school level, it was a really eye-opener because it gave me a fuller understanding of the natural world by teaching me about the periodic table, the mole concept, types of chemical reactions, atomic theory and etc.

Chemistry is very difficult to learn, but it also tells me about chemicals and their interactions and it can help you to understand the world around you, since everything is comprised of chemicals. Cooking, for instance, often employs chemical reactions to achieve different types of cooked foods. Baking is a prime example of this type of use, as it often employs ingredients like baking soda that react with acids in the recipe and help the cake or cookies to rise when heated. This process is a chemical reaction. Additionally, taking a chemistry class will allow you to better understand other sciences, like biology or anatomy and physiology, as all life is uses chemical reactions. Besides, chemistry allows me to stay in the lab to take lots of different engaging experiments, such as making smoke bombs. I believe that experimenting is best part of taking a chemistry class.

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