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IELTS Speaking topic: A family member

16/11/20142 minute read

Describe a family member who you spend the most time with.
You should say:
who the person is
when you usually are together
what kind of person he or she is
what you usually do (when you are) together
and explain why you spend more time with this person than with other members of your family.

Let me tell you about my mother. She plays a very important role in my life. She is a very considerate and thoughtful person who has always done her best to help me make decisions in the face of day-to-day difficulties. And she lives with me here in Beijing, helping me look after my son.

I really consider my mother to be a role model. She has a strong personality and she never lets others tell her what to do. I learned how to be responsible and also more determined in my daily life. She always reminds me that things are not as easy as they appear and that I should work hard in order to get what I expect.

My mother has always encouraged me to be more outstanding in work. When we are together at home, she always discusses with me about my job and often complains that I didn’t get better results. It took me a long time to realise what she meant, but now I understand how arduous and rewarding my work should be thanks to her recommendations. I believe she is one of the reasons why I always want to do better in everything I attempt.

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