IELTS Speaking topic: A place where you can read and write

Describe a place where you can read and write.
You should say:
where this place is
how do you know this place
what do you do there
and explain why you think it’s a good place for reading and writing.

Well, obviously, the best place for reading and writing, in my opinion, is the Beijing Library which is located near the southern Ring Three in Beijing, and it’s also quite near my home.

The library is regular-shaped, but it’s also a famous landmark around there, so I can easily find it when I drive along the road. It’s wrapped in glass on all sides, so the exterior is very gorgeous.

I always go to the library about twice a month, I’m a regular there. I’d like to go there in the morning, and borrow some interesting books to read, or write some documents in my laptop. The library has all sorts of books, so I can always get the books I need, or I can ask the librarians to borrow the books I need from other libraries. Their service is really impeccable. Besides, the atmosphere there is very refreshing. I can do my work quietly and efficiently, and feel like lifting my spirits.


  1. I think it’s very good content, but it’s short for speaking

    • My sample answers are always about 200 words, which can help you to speak it in just 5 minutes. Actually in the test you don’t have much time to say for a long time. The examiners will get bored.

  2. it’s nice sir

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