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IELTS Speaking topic: An art and craft activity you did at school

14/01/20162 minute read

Describe an art and craft activity you did at school.
You should say:
when this happened
what you did in the activity
who you did it with
and explain how you felt about this activity.

I remember when I was in the high school, our teacher asked us to make kites during the weekend. Since I’d never made a kite before, I’d thought it would be a tough task. But it turned out that with the help of my mom, making a kite was actually just a piece of cake.

I decided on its shape first. I just chose a flat one because it was virtually the most basic structure and could be easily carried around. Then I got a sheet of coloured paper and cut out the shape. After that, I got thin plastic strips and tied them together with a string, which apparently would be the frame of the kite. After that, we made the bridle which connected the frame to the control line. Finally I glued the paper to the frame.

It seemed to be an arduous work as it took me a whole afternoon to finish it but finally it turned out to be quite rewarding. The kite flew pretty well in the garden the next day. Our hard work paid off. And my teacher was also very satisfied with my work and praised me. I felt that this kind of art and craft ideas encouraged me to use the imagination to create my own entertainment.


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