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IELTS Speaking topic: A time you missed an important appointment for something

22/11/20162 minute read

Describe a time you missed an important appointment for something.
You should say:
when and where it happened
what the appointment was for
what happened when you missed it
and explain how you felt about the appointment.

Let me talk about the missed appointment I’ve had last time. A couple of weeks ago, I made an appointment with my dentist to do a teeth washing at 10:00 am. But on that day I woke up late at about 9:00, so it was really urgent to get to the dentist by car. In a great hurry, I took a taxi and told the driver to drive as fast as possible. But unfortunately as soon as we got to the main road to the city, we found ourselves get stuck in the heavy traffic congestion. We moved so slowly that I got totally mad. I was afraid of missing the appointment because I need to wait for a couple of months to make another appointment. I repeated asking the driver to move fast but he told me there was really nothing he could do about it. At last, It took me about one hour and a half on the way to the airport and I missed the important appointment and I did not get the treatment. I really felt upset and even started to feel that my teeth hurt me a bit.

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