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IELTS Speaking topic: A gift that you recently gave to others

26/11/20162 minute read

Describe a gift that you recently gave to others.
You should say:
when it happened
who you gave it to
what gift you gave to the person
and explain why you gave this gift to others.

Last Spring Festival at home, I sent a new mobile phone to my mum. Before that she was using a very old-fashioned look phone and she was not so pleased with it. It ran very slowly, and didn’t have any modern functions, such as internet access and playing music. So I just wanted to give her a big surprise and told her how I loved her.

It was a trendy iPhone, you know, well-designed with a large touch screen and many different cool features. I thought my mum could use it to listen to music and take pictures and share the photos with her friends immediately. It was really cool, isn’t it? My mum was really happy with the new phone, and she was using it all the time at that night, and constantly asked me how to use the phone.

I was very glad too because the gift I chose was definitely correct. She was very satisfied with the astounding gear and she said that she can contact me much more convenient in the future.


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