IELTS Speaking topic: A person who can speak a second language

Describe a person who can use/speak a second language.
You should say:
who this person is
what language this person can use
how often this person uses this language
and explain why this person can master this language.

One of my good friends can speak French fluently, he acquired that language when he learned it in the university by himself. Thanks to his industriousness and versatility, he now works in a French company in Beijing.

He now uses French on a daily basis in that company and gets far more opportunities than other average Chinese staffs. I believe that knowledge of the foreign language may increase his chances of finding a new job, getting a promotion in the company or even going on foreign business trips. I really envy him sometimes.

Luckily, when he was in university, he got a French friend and started to be interested in French soon. So he put lots of efforts in the new language in his spare time and learned the new language very fast in order to talk with his friend. Besides, he also read some classical French novels such as The Red and The Black, to improve his reading and writing skills, which made him more familiar with French culture.

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  • jjsumenglishlearner 24/06/2015 on 17:34

    Hi. I find your website very useful. But I couldn’t find Part 3 page. Are there Part 3 questions in each Part 2 topics? Thanks!

    • pirlo jjsumenglishlearner 24/06/2015 on 20:21

      Thank you for your visit. Currently there are no Part 3 sample answers because they are relatively very difficult to write.

  • Tina 13/11/2015 on 14:19

    Those samples of task 2 are really informative. It would be awesome if I could arrange my ideas so logically like you.
    Should I read the sample first and practice after? Do you think I should try to speak that topic first before reading your sample?

    • pirlo Tina 13/11/2015 on 15:30

      Seriously, I believe the order is not a big problem. I remembered when I was preparing my test, most of the answers were written by myself in advance, and then I would find the sample answers or the relevant articles to the topics that were really hard to me.

  • Kindey dhillon 04/01/2016 on 20:56

    Hello! Your website is very useful for all ielts student but thera is a need to add the quetions of third part which are popular in these days.if tou add these questions then your website will more popular among all ielts student.THANKS!!!!

  • Emil 12/01/2016 on 21:13

    That is good. But you can write third part about anything for example. Thank you very much.

  • Amandeep singh 11/03/2018 on 02:30

    please can you give me a some tips regarding task 2 and which topic came in 24 march as your opinion