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IELTS Speaking topic: An ambition you have not achieved yet

03/03/20152 minute read

Describe an ambition you have not achieved yet.
You should say:
what it is
when you first had this ambition
why you had this ambition
what you have done to achieve it
and explain why you haven’t achieve it yet.

As my belly has grown over the years, I’d like to take some physical exercises to get toned, to tighten stomach muscles to be exact. I want to seek sleek and ripped abdominal muscles, which would be the envy of everyone at the swimming pool or gym, therefore I got around to this motivation since last winter.

In order to achieve my ambition, I downloaded an app in my iPad, allowing me follow the professional trainers to take workouts on a daily basis. Every night, before I slept, I would do a series of physical exercises with my iPad, and the app would track all my progress and save my results in the website.

But unfortunately, I didn’t insist on it for two long. Because after two months or so, I didn’t see any changes happened to my belly and you know, doing workouts everyday was really a boring job. Gradually, I decreased the chances of my workouts, to about twice a week, then even twice a month, and finally, I hadn’t picked up my iPad and practised for months. What a shame! I thought I could last long with my motivation, but at last it turned out that as my motivation and enthusiasm were absent, my ambition was absent too.


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  1. Thank u for your sharing. I took several passages as my practicing materials for my Ielts oral test. Oral test is the only one which is still lower than band 6. I hope I could pass the exam next time.

    1. Thank you for your comment in my blog. Oral test is really tough for most examinees, and I believe you really need to focus on your grammar, pronunciation and logic in your answers in order to get 6. Good luck to you and I hope I could help you.

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