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IELTS Speaking topic: A person who dresses well

12/07/20152 minute read

Describe a person you know who dresses well/a person who is fashionable.
You should say:
who this person is
what kinds of clothes this person likes to wear
how you know this person
and explain why you think this person dresses well.

Let me tell you about one of my friends who is a photographic model, and she is really fond of wearing trendy outfits due to her job. I met her when I took part in a portraits photography activity several years ago and we got to know each other ever since then.

She is very tall and blender, so she is very attractive. Particularly she fancies the Chinese traditional Chi-pao which essentially is a one-piece dress. She has several different colour Chi-paos and always wears one of them to go out for different social activities or photographic model.

She looks very graceful and stunning when she wears Chi-pao. I guess it looks unique because of the fabric, I mean, the silk and the embroidery. Also, the bell-like sleeves and the slits on the sides all make it so different from regular dresses. It accentuates her figure because it’s pretty tight-fitting. Actually I guess that’s exactly why she looks so fashionable and is so eye-catching in the street.


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