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IELTS Speaking topic: A good service

25/10/20142 minute read

Describe an occasion that you received a good service from a company or shop.
You should say:
what the service was
when and where you received the service
whom you were together with
and explain why you think it was a good service

Let me talk about the experience in an Apple Store. I had a small Mac Mini which I had used for three years. One day in April, the machine could not boot without warning. I tried various methods but couldn’t solve the problem, so I sent it to the nearest Apple Store which was located in the Wangfujin. That shop was newly open and it was quite spacious and there were not many people in there. There was a young man who took my mac, and checked it thoroughly. He asked several questions politely about when the machine was black screen, and what I was doing the last time the computer was fine. After a couple of minutes, he advised me that the hardware of the machine was good, and there was something wrong with the software, and it was best to reinstall the operating system, which would take me ten minutes before it was finished and reminded me that all the data in the computer would be erased. After I agreed with his suggestion, the young man immediately started to install the latest operating system for me. Several minutes later, thanks to the young man, my Mac Mini was reborn.

I was quite satisfied with the service the young man provided, he was obviously well-trained, and he was quite patient to fully understand what problem was with my mac and used his professional skills to deal with it. Besides, he was very proficient in his field, and seemed very reliable to me.

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