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IELTS Speaking topic: An important letter

08/11/20142 minute read

Describe an important letter or email you wrote.
You should say:
who you wrote to
when you wrote it
what you wrote
and explain why you wrote that letter.

I still remembered seven years ago when I was landing an internship for graduate students, I wrote to a manager with my resume who left his email in the recruitment thread in our school’s BBS. I wrote this sincere email to him because I found the job requirements exactly suited me, and I really wanted to get it.

In my letter, I introduced myself first, I told him my age, my major of master’s degree and my compulsory subjects. Second, I expressed my desire to reply for his position because that job was really exactly what I was interested in and I could do it well. Besides, I explained my previous related experiences I had gained during my project work in graduate school. Although I was not fully eligible for the position, I would learn some necessary technique skills to make myself qualified.

In the end, I thanked him and looked forward to his reply. And I wished I could get an interview opportunity in his company and have the chance to communicate with him face to face so that he could judge my potential in this field.

Finally, I got the position soon after I sent the email. I did really well in my work, now I have been in this company for almost seven years.

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