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IELTS Speaking topic: A friend who is a good leader

21/01/20152 minute read

Describe a friend who you think is a good leader.
You should say:
who this friend is
how you first met
how other people behave towards him or her
and explain why you think he or she is a good leader.

Let me tell you about one of my close friends who worked with me in the same company several years ago. Actually it was he who had an interview with me when I applied for a position in that company after I graduated from university, we had a nice talk and he was obviously satisfied with my related experience.

He was really an optimistic and infectious man with his work, therefore when he started to be responsible for the new business, some colleagues were very interesting in his plan and tasks, and were always likely to offer their help. Besides, his superior was quite confident of his success, and gave some necessary financial and human supports.

I had been working with him for over two years. I believe he was really good at encouraging his staff into doing something that seemed to be tough to realise and inspiring them to greatness. As our business was quite new in the market, he made us feeling like pioneers in this field, which definitely inspired my enthusiasm tremendously. It was really a cool thing, because to be honest, I learned the most things in my work during that time.


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  1. thank you pirlo very much for all theses efforts
    i was surfing net after got my shoking ielts result 5.5 in writing and speaking ( which is the third exam in 3 months having the same 5.5 and not change)
    i found this website by luck and got the feeling of finaly got treasure
    i hope this you help me to get better score
    you know i always say to me self this phrase english is just reptition if i had essay bank in my head ielts can be cracked
    finaly i appreciate your work thanks.

    1. Hello, hisham, nice meeting you here and thank you for your dropping by for a visit. As for your ielts result, I believe that a good score is a combination of both language ability and exam’s skills. So you are supposed to put great efforts to both sides if you need a higher score. Hope I could help you in my website!


  2. Hi guys,
    We’ve created a group on Telegram for IELTS candidates , if you want to join us please send me your phone number or comment it here .
    See you

  3. hi pirlo,
    can u tell me about a paid job on which i can speak.
    actually i m a student so i have never done such a job yet ….
    plz if anyone another know then plz tell me

    1. Well, you can check this essay, and say that you do the job as an intern, which I think will suits you. Sometimes you need to tell a fictional story to answer the questions in the speaking test.

  4. Hi, can u pls give me writing topics for task 2 which can be helpful for me for my ielts exam ehich is on 13 aug

  5. Hi. Pls give me some suggestions whom which i cam improve my writing .actually i have a lack of idea

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