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IELTS Speaking topic: A law about environment you would like to see

29/09/20152 minute read

Describe a law about environment you would like to see in the future.
You should say:
what this law would be about
how this law will take effects
why it is important to have this law
and what changes will happen because of this law.

Well, you know, the city of Beijing has become infamous for its heavy smog, which is thought to lead to widespread illness and discomfort. And the main pollution sources are thought to be the surrounding chemical and steel plants in the neighbouring provinces. Therefore, I hope that there would be some environmental law introduced by government to close or move these factories to other remote areas.

Beijing had been badly polluted by the toxic industrial exhaust and chemicals, making the whole city unliveable. So I feel that the strict pollution control policy can force the coal-fired power plants and factories to close in the future, and petrol quality has been improved as well. Therefore, though pollution might still persist for a long time in Beijing, we could enjoy more fresh air in the city.

If the air-quality degradation is under control, I believe that we will have more blue sky and white cloud. And I would have more opportunities to do outdoor activities with my child to enjoy the warm sunshine and clean air. Besides, there will be much less patients suffering from respiratory related diseases in the hospitals.


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